At Bread&Net 2023, we hold the utmost regard for honesty and originality. Plagiarism undermines the very foundations of knowledge exchange, cooperation, and trust, which are the bedrock of our event. We take a strong stance against plagiarism and have established clear guidelines for addressing it across different scenarios:

1. Proposal Submissions:
In the event of plagiarism being detected in a submitted proposal, it will be immediately disqualified from the selection process.
We strongly encourage all applicants to provide proper references and citations for any external content incorporated into their proposals.

2. During Event Sessions:
Should any instance of content plagiarism surface during a session, swift action will be taken.
The affected session may be paused, and the presenter will be requested to either provide appropriate attribution or clarify the source.
Repeated or severe cases of plagiarism may result in the removal of the speaker from the event.

3. Printed Materials and Pamphlets:
All printed materials distributed during Bread&Net 2023, including pamphlets, brochures, or handouts, must adhere to copyright and intellectual property regulations.
We encourage all contributors to ensure that their materials are entirely original or appropriately credited.

4. Reporting Plagiarism:
We place great reliance on the vigilance of our participants and attendees. If you suspect any instance of plagiarism during the event, please promptly notify our event staff or volunteers.
Reports will be meticulously examined, and requisite actions will be taken.

5. Our Commitment:
Our unwavering commitment lies in cultivating an environment where ideas are exchanged with complete transparency and respect for intellectual property.
Our overarching objective is to guarantee that all participants enjoy a rewarding and enlightening experience at Bread&Net 2023.

6. Questions or Concerns:
If you have any queries about our plagiarism policy or encounter any potential plagiarism during the event, please do not hesitate to reach out to our event staff.
We genuinely value your cooperation and dedication to preserving the integrity of Bread&Net 2023. Collectively, we can build a platform that celebrates originality, collaboration, and the open sharing of knowledge.