Amid the escalating situation in Palestine and Southern Lebanon, and in line with our continuous efforts to create a safe and accessible space for everyone at Bread&Net, the event dates and registration will be put on hold for now. Our team will provide an update shortly regarding the event's feasibility in Beirut.

Bread&Net is an open, safe, and diverse space for exchanging knowledge, resources, and strategies that support human rights in a world mediated by technology.
Each year, hundreds of activists, technologists, journalists, researchers, lawyers, and academics meet to strengthen the digital rights movement in West Asia and North Africa (WANA).
Through critical discussions and workshops, we address the most prominent threats to digital rights and technology's underlying opportunities in Arabic-speaking countries.
Each year, we bring to the discussion the most pressing digital rights issues, challenges, and opportunities in WANA to be addressed during the unconference.
The call for proposals is now closed. Stay tuned for this year's Bread&Net program.


Bread&Net 2023 Themes and Topics



  • AI and social justice
  • Algorithm justice 
  • IoT (Internet of things) and Smartcities
  • Open source
  • Ethical hacking 




  • Data protection & privacy 
  • Censorship 
  • Surveillance 
  • Internet shutdowns 
  • Dis/misinformation


  • Hate and violence
  • Sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • Data and representation
  • Children and the internet 
  • Gender and violence 
  • Digital accessibility (for people with disabilities)



  • Business and Human Rights
  • Open access to information and different platforms
  • Freedom of expression
  • Media and cybercrime decrees and laws
  • Advocacy and lobbying
  • Content moderation 



  • Digital Rights 101 
  • Digital safety and security for civil society
  • Organizing Campaigns 
  • Emerging trends in digital rights
  • Funding digital rights


Meet us at Bread&Net in Beirut 

We meet once more this year to continue building a movement committed to defending our human rights and freedoms as our lives become more digitized.
The past editions of Bread&Net nurtured and supported a digital rights community engaged in addressing regional threats ranging from state surveillance to content moderation and knowledge production in West Asia and North Africa.
Over the last decade, civil society has become dependent on digital tools and networks for advocacy efforts and as a means of mobilization. In our region, however, technology's offerings have been mitigated by increasingly restrictive laws, scaled-up mass surveillance, disinformation campaigns, and crackdowns on online freedom of expression. The resulting constriction of the online civic space has only fostered stronger advocacy during such a critical time.
Join us this November in Beirut where we will forge new partnerships and collaborations, exchange knowledge and resources, and renew our commitment to safeguarding our digital rights and freedoms.

Bread&Net over the years

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Founded in 2008, SMEX works to defend digital rights, promote open culture and local content, and encourage critical engagement with digital technologies, media, and networks in Arabic-speaking countries. We conduct research, training, and advocacy on internet policy and digital rights to support the expansion of more accessible and participatory environments for individuals and civil society.


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